Friday, September 4, 2015

Sorry :(

‘Sup bros?

I am sorry for the inconvenience I’ve made when you opened my blog and seeking for new entry I promise to be updated every Tuesday (and another trip vacation I delayed as always).

So the story is on Tuesday when I want to updated some entry, suddenly I got a heavy headache at 3 pm followed by pains in the tip of all my fingers. Then next pain is I got a high fever that made me shivering so hard and I could not even write a single word.

I was at the office back then and asking
for my Boss permission to go home early because I thought I was very sick and could not continuing my work duties.

I was thinking if I could not drive myself so I called my Dad to picking me up because I was so weak (my body felt so damn hot and could not stop from shivering).

He picked me to the near clinic and I was diagnosed of infected by virus. The doctor told me if tomorrow my condition still bad I suggested to do a blood check to make sure what is the cause of my illness.

I came to my Auntie’s home because it’s near my office (since I could not bear to go to my house in Padalarang), drank some medicine and Dio just came brought some foods and porridge then feeding me.

I was feeling better in the next day but I have to pick my motorcycle which I left to one of my colleague in office. My college’s mate, Arvi was offering a help to pick me to my office and once again I was asking him if he could give my sick letter permission to my Boss ( because if I gave it myself my Boss would think if I was so fit and that was a pretend excuse to left work LOL )

“Just say if you’re my brother or something,” I said.

Arvi just came back with his frowned face.

“Why?” I asked him with holding my laugh.

“Your boss is weird. She kept her frowned face until I said your name -_-“.

“Hahah I’m sorry that’s the way she is. She really aware of strangers except its related to her employees..” I explained.

Then I picked my motorcycle to my Auntie’s home then go again with Arvi to meet Dio near Griya Mas Regency as Dio will be picking me up to my house in Padalarang (I honestly feeling a bit weak after brought my motorcycle and did not think to go to home early but my parents wanted me to go home as that day was my youngest brother birthday) and I don’t want Arvi missed any class in campus.

On the way back to my home in Padalarang, Dio suddenly force me to do a blood check as he’s soooo worried if I got a heavy disease like typhus or dengue fever or I might need a hospitalization.

He took me to the Emergency Departments in Cibabat Hospital and said I need to do a blook check then suddenly I cried :((

He laughed a bit and asked, “Why are you crying?”

“I was having a childhood traumatic with blood check. I had a dengue fever when I’m 5 and the nurse take my blood so much and it felt really sick so I cried so hard. I’m afraid if I could yelled here since everybody eyes was staring at me :(“ I explain him extensively.

(Anyway when the first time I entered the Emergency Departments, everybody – including patients, nurses and doctor was staring at us because they thought nobody is sick––maybe they did not see me ill––who the hell anyone want to sick or just pretend like you carrying a heavy disease? NOPE)
One of doctor just came, checking my condition and put out the syringe she carried and its poked into my veins.

And.....not really hurt :|

Dio said if I have to be ready for a hospitalization if the blood check shows the result if I had a typhus or dengue fever that I might need a hospitalization.

NOOO. I hate infused!!!!!

Not a long time, the result just came in my hand. And it’s...

My hemoglobin is really subnormal but I’m glad it’s not such a heavy disease like typhus or dengue fever or something really bad happens upon me.

I just need a rest for a couple of days and drinking the blood booster caplet every day. I hope I will be recovery soon. Amen

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