Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I want to love you,
But I can't.
I want to tell you I feel the same way,
But I won't.
I want to say I'll always stay with you,
But I know it won't be true.
I want to sing songs of love,
But I know I won't hit the right notes.

I'm using you to get over him,
A bridge to cross troubled waters.
I did it before, I may have to do it again.
I'm devious and cruel for it-
Forgive me please.
I'm using you to pick up the pieces that used to resemble a life.
To pretend I still have hope,
When he took all the hope I had with him.

That's right he left,
I didn't drive him off- I hope I didn't scare him away.
We didn't fight or argue.
I just woke up and he was gone.
Not knowing, makes all the difference.

by ~bookworm012496

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