Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Introducing my new serial story :D

I don't broke one of my promises, do I? :p

This is what I said on my last post about "a brand new serial story", I gave the title is "I Love Flowers, You Prefer Petals" and let's make it short ILFYPP (its still hard to said even I make it short tho -_- i know)

Ok. In this serial story I would like to try to write my first published serial story after wrote so many novel but it never met an ending because of kemerodan sayah -_-

Sebenernya ingin banget kasih spoiler tentang apa sih yang ingin diceritain disini, alur cerita, setting tempat, penjelasan tokoh utama dan bercerita tentang apa but I'm afraid of the expectations of you, people :D

So don’t judge, enjoy the plot, and let it be :)

Let we start.


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