Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Dilemma about gadget I just bought

Ted said he wants to be included on this photo :p
So for over a decade of my life (just kidding) no, I mean for over a couple of months I always do a survey for so many action cam. You can say; ProGo, Siomay, BrickPro, SeJakapanjadianPro and so many pro pro pro, then I decided to buy this siomay.

What is your top reason to choose this camera, Nis?
I don't know. Just buy it. Lol.

No, actually siomayi is much cheaper than GoPro,
and I was doing a survey for a month if the camera quality is as good as GoPro but for me the price for siomay is worth to paid for.

It's a public secret if GoPro camera itself is a bit expensive and more over, it does not include any other more accesories which we have to buy it separately and makes it more expensive (sigh).

I do some research about the price gap through internet, I found so many gap, like in The Jakarta Notebook, Bhinneka, Tokped, ect soo many more. But the online shop which I bought the siomay is offering the cheapest price.
When I see the back of the package which writed in Mandarin, I've got a bad feeling about the manual book inside.

I bought the siomay for the travel edition from this online shop is about IDR1,200K (excluding the shipping fee).

The online shop is a trusted seller, their system is pre-ordering the stuffs directly to China and they had more than 10 PO and more than 200 customers for every PO until now.

OK so the next story is when I get the package and open the wrapping. To be honest, I don't feel like I'm overly excited upon this gadget. I don't know if I feel so fatigue this week or I'm sleepy because it's night already - I just open it without curiosity and was like, "OH GOD, let's just end this." or "Why is it soo hard to be opened??" and maybe "Ahhh why the tape is so hard to open (then I forgot if I had a scissor)" hahaha :p


So the first time you'll see after you open the box is the monopod or selfie stick and the camera itself. And behind the camera carton, there's a manual book for the camera, a manual book for the monopod, one usb cable and one battery.

Where's Ted gone?!

What I love from this box is the board were covered by thin plastic and the top board had a protector layer so if the box were turn upside down, it won't hurt the camera since it had a protector in it. Love it!

But as I predicted before the package is open, one thing that I hate from this stuff is the manual book in Mandarin. HOW DO I SUPPOSE TO REAAAD??!! *cryingbeneaththerain*

The solution is I need to read an article about the manual or take a pic from the manual then translating it to Google Translate. Oh but no, I'm too lazy to do the last one.

And the description for each button is below.

And this is the back of the camera.

And that's all. I was not be able to test the camera since I don't install the app to my phone yet and I forgot to buy the memory card for camera -_-

To think that I always dreaming of this gadget everyday and aspire me to bring this to the places I would like to travel, just end up by my expression when the package came. I was just like, "Oh. So this is it."

Or, "Nah, should I open this?"

And maybe, "Let's open the day after tomorrow on tomorrow".

If this camera were a girl, I thought I might be a jerk because I had a crush on her everyday but when she finally said yes, I ignore her hahahaha.

I think the laziness were comes from I have no place to go to visiting soon so it's kind of lazy and seems like I don't really need the gadget by now haha.

Then why I bought this is because I planned to go travel with my bae but it seems to be cancelled due to some of circumstances. That is maybe what makes me disappointed and regretting to buy this early :p

The next review for the image results will be updating soon.

Thank you for reading! xxx.


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